Source: Chris Dodd Expected To Announce Retirement**Update**NBC News Confirms

From Washingtonpost

"Sen. Christopher J. Dodd (Conn.), a leading Democrat whose political star fell along with the nation's economy, is expected to announce Wednesday that he has decided against running for reelection this November, according to sources briefed on the decision. Dodd, in his fifth term, chairs the Senate Banking Committee. His retirement would be the second such announcement by a Senate Democrat in 24 hours; North Dakota's Byron Dorgan said Tuesday that he would not run this fall." Chris Cilizza

WASHINGTON - Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd will announce Wednesday that he is retiring ahead of his re-election this November, sources told NBC News policital director Chuck Todd.The embattled Connecticut senator and Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, has scheduled a press conference at his home Wednesday, the Washington Post reported Tuesday night
This was some polling I clipped that showed Chris Dodd getting crushed by Rob Simmons

He was also running behind Linda McMahon

Friend of Angelo...

Chickens, coming home to roost...