Obama Dep. National Security Advisor on MTP: "System Didn't Work," Then Says Napolitano Has Done a "Tremendous Job"

Imagine what would happen if a Republican on MTP said the same about Chertoff

Obama Deputy National Security Advisor John Brennan on Meet the Press
Gregory: "Where's the accountability, does somebody need to lose their job?"

Brennan: "As the President said there's gonna be accountability at all levels, and he's has to take a look at it, but let me say a couple of things on this, first of all Janet Napolitano has done a tremendous job over the past year, I've worked very closely with her, I know the there were a couple of criticisms about her comments about 'the system worked' what she was referring to, and she's clarified her remarks was the system worked after the incident, what the President wants to do is to make sure is that we're able to take the corrective steps necessary to prevent this from happening again"

We should feel safe, because Napolitano is "doing a tremendous job"