Arab American Students in Dearbornistan Wear Sweatshirts To School That Glorify 9-11

Edsel High School in Dearborn Michigan

Outrage from the students and parents
DEARBORN, Mich. -- About 15 Arab-American students at Edsel Ford High School are in trouble over a class sweatshirt they had made over the holiday break.The class of 2011 sweatshirt has the number 11 made to look like the World Trade Center Towers. The school's mascot, a Thunderbird, is seen flying toward the number.

School responds on website, this from

Dear Parent/Guardian,
Today, we noticed a group of male students wearing black sweatshirts (hoodies) with wordings on the front and back. The front side had: Edsel Ford, class of 2011. The back side had a nickname for each student in addition to our Thunderbird logo and the number 11. The number eleven had a ten window design on each strand.

Beneath the number eleven, the words “You can’t take us down “were printed. The whole design gave prominence to the 9-11 tragedy. It made several staff members and students upset because of the perceived message. The students in question were processed in the main office and their hoodies were confiscated. I am meeting with their parents tomorrow to discuss this incident and its ramifications.

After talking with the students, it became clear that there were no intentions of harm rather a very inappropriate and distasteful attempt to draw attention to themselves and to the class of 2011. I want to reassure everyone that the safety of our students and staff will always remain our prime priority here at Edsel Ford. Edsel Ford administration, the district’s student services and communications offices and our school police officer have all been involved in addressing this incident.

Yours truly, Hassane Jaafar
Principal Edsel Ford High School


(Back) School mascot flying towards numbers that are made to look like the Twin Towers of the WTC, can it be anything other than a glorification of September 11th?