David Plouffe Asks Everyone To Go Buy His Book To "Beat Palin For A Day"

Shameless, he wants everyone to buy Audacity to Win, to beat Palin in sales for one day & he'll donate a dollar, this is the video he uploaded today:

He can't help but take a shot at Sarah Palin
Plouffe: "Going Rogue, it's selling predictably well, it's selling about like distortions and mistruths would at a tea party rally...Now her book obviously talks about her vision which was completely rejected on November 4th 2008 by the America people and I think would take us into the complete wrong direction.

So the truth is I hope her book tour goes on for a long time, because having her out there and her message as kind of the opposing viewpoint to what the President is trying to doing could not be more helpful...

Everyone that sees this should go out and buy Sarah Palin's book on Tuesday December 8th