David Plouffe on MTP: Foxnews "Turned into a 24 Hour Propaganda Channel For The McCain Campaign"

How about that truce being called with Foxnews?

"I think you have to put a spotlight on some of the irresponsibility coming out of that network"
GREGORY "During the campaign you all did business with Fox News, didn't have any problem with that. Why has that changed?"

PLOUFFE: Well, we did business. Obviously, it turned into a 24-hour propaganda channel for the McCain campaign really in the last 60 days.... So I think sometimes we overstate, particularly in Washington, the impact of this cable news culture. They're just out there--and it's not just in the evening, it's their morning show.

The "Today" show certainly doesn't make these kind of statements. And I think the danger is if what Fox is propagating out there becomes embraced by media, then there is a bigger megaphone."

The White House can never be accused of "Dithering" when fighting the war on Foxnews...