Obama Returns Home From 2 Week Vacation And Hits The Links

A week at a $20 Million compound in Martha's Vineyard
Returns home, goes to Camp David
Returns home to this....

Hard at work solving the problems facing America...

Obama can thank God there is a (D) behind his name...
Mark Knoller always has the inside story on his Twitter account

After returning to the White House this afternoon from Camp David where the first family spent the last days of vacation, President Barack Obama promptly left the wife and kids for an afternoon at Fort Belvoir to play -– you guessed it -– a round of golf.

The White House pool report said Marine One landed on the White House South Lawn at 1:13 p.m. EDT, and the president’s motorcade left for the golf outing at 1:54, arriving at the Virginia course at 2:22.

Obama, who must be spending part of the Labor Day weekend preparing for his major address on health care and his televised talk to school students this week, has frequently hit the links during his two-week vacation. He played a number of times during his week on Martha’s Vineyard, and managed a round on Monday, Aug. 31 at Army Navy Country Club in nearby Arlington, Va.

This afternoon’s golf buddies are Dave Cusack and Grant Campbell from the White House advance staff, and Marvin Nicholson, the White House trip director. Today’s Obama pool reporter, Linda Feldmann of the Christian Science Monitor, reported the president played 9 holes, and returned to the White House at 4:55. No word on his score.