Arne Duncan:"That's Just Silly" Keeping Kids Home From School Because Of Obama Speech

Arne Duncan: All about the President challenging our young people...

No Arne, it's about Obama trying to be the Dear Leader in the eyes of school children
(By the way, Arne Duncan's previous job was CEO of Chicago Public Schools, a job he did so well, Senator Obama sent his kids to the Chicago Lab School, a private school on the south side of Chicago)...
Hey Arne, If it isn't about Obama, why not give the text of Obama's statements to the Homeroom teachers all across America so they can read it to the students in the class? Pretty good idea, don't you think? However that won't happen...

Dear Leader's Instructions for students for the September 8th speech from a previous post: Directly from the Dept. of Education website:
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This clipped directly from ed.gov/teachers
"What is the President asking me to do?"
Questions for during the speech...

Instructions for after the speech
Unbelievable, "Are we able to do what President Obama is asking of us?"
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Instructions for the teachers:
Teach the children how they can be communty organizers...
Grades 7-12 is even worse, that link here at ed.gov7-12

This is all about Obama, the guy who had enough nerve to build greek columns to himself for his acceptance speech at Invesco Field in Denver at the DNC Convention