O'Reilly Blasts Joan Walsh On The Factor "You Have Blood On Your Hands"

This really got heated....

Joan Walsh along with everybody at MNSBC have been trying all week to connect both the Tiller murder and the shooting at the Holocaust Museum to talkradio and Conservatives with Joan Walsh naming O'Reilly for creating the atmoshpere for these people to go off the edge. Was she warning O'Reilly at 1:58 with "don't demonize me, you'll be sorry"

At the end of the clip, she asks O'Reilly if he wants to take responsibility for the shootings. O'Reilly would have none of it. O'Reilly finally gets her to confess that she thinks George Tiller was a hero, a man who took the lives of 60,000 unborn children.

Here she is blaming conservatives "like Rush Limbaugh" for whipping up climate that led to the Holocaust Museum shooting.

She belongs on the hate filled MSNBC network, she fits right in over there....