Jake Tapper Asks Gibbs About The British Gov. Being "Pissed" About Detainees Released To Bermuda

How about that election of Obama, gonna repair our image in the world....

4 Guantanamo Detainees (Uighurs) released to Bermuda,

Jake Tapper: "A Senior State Department Official said the British Government was "pissed" that they'd not been consulted about Uighurs(detainees) released to Bermuda."

Gibbs: (Plays dumb) "They were not pleased with Government of Bermuda"

Jake Tapper: "They were pissed at the Obama Administration"

Senior aides to President Barack Obama accompanied four Uighur prisoners as they were flown from Guantanamo Bay to the British colony of Bermuda, without the UK being informed, it was revealed yesterday.
One senior official said: "The Americans were fully aware of the foreign-policy understanding we have with Bermuda and they deliberately chose to ignore it. This is not the kind of behavior one expects from an ally."

The four freed men – Abdul Nasser, Huzaifa Parhat, Abdul Semet and Jalal Jalaladin – said they were glad to be in Bermuda.

"Growing up under communism we always dreamed of living in peace and working in a free society like this one. Today you have let freedom ring," Mr Nasser said in a statement.