Honorair-Group Sends WWII Veterans To See Memorial In Washington D.C.

What a great story honoring these men..

The group is from honorair, and there website is honorflight.org, they transport WWII veterans free of charge to see the Memorial in Washington D.C. The report says that we are losing 1200 of these veterans a day, that's up from 1000. 16 million served in WWII and only 2 million remain.

Without these men, everything I'm writing and everything you're reading might be in fluent German. The leaders in that day recognized they had an enemy, unlike today where Barack Obama sends a reset button to Russia, whose leaders are former KGB, sends a Happy New Year greeting to Iran, reaches out to Hamas and Syria, wants to talk to the "moderate" Taliban, and shakes hands with Chavez.

Thank God Obama wasn't President back then, he would be trying to see if there are any "moderate" Nazi's we could talk to..