Chicago Company Introduces Blago Shampoo

Hot Rod Haircare...

An Illinois company is marketing hair care products inspired by and named after disgraced former Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Dennis Fath of Delta Laboratories in the Chicago suburb of Elk Grove said he "woke up in the middle of the night" with the idea for "Blago It's Bleep'n Golden Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner," WMAQ-TV, Chicago, reported Thursday.

"He does have a nice head of hair, and (I thought) it would be funny to have something named after him because of his hair," Fath said.

Fath said the shampoo and conditioner sell for $8 each, or $15 for a set of both. He said the products, which are only available at, have so far sold fewer than 100 bottles.