Awesome: Group of 2 Dozen U.S. Vets To Go Overseas to Fight ISIS (VIDEO)

"Every single guy on my team is not afraid to die and we're gonna fight to the death"

"If they do capture us, it will be our dead bodies and we'll be surrounded by 4 times the number of them (ISIS)"

Sean Rowe, the coordinator for Veterans Against ISIS, who served 2 tours in Iraq, a total of 8 years in the U.S. Army talks to Fox News about 23 U.S. Veterans who are heading over to fight ISIS-

Watch this interview- He is 100% committed to the fight and is absolutely fearless.
God Bless Him


Krauthammer on the Clinton Emails: "This Whole Release Is a Farce"...All These Emails Have Been Scrubbed (VIDEO)

Charles absolutely NAILS IT:
"What is being released now is stuff that was scrubbed and cleansed and decided upon, chosen by her own people, acting in her own interest"

"The Clintons are not stupid. Whatever is there, whatever is embarrassing, whatever is indicting has been scrubbed and removed...We are getting the cleaned up version"

Email release by the Clintons is a giant head fake...


Iraqi Refugees Fleeing ISIS Stranded in 'Horrific' Conditions (PHOTOS + VIDEO)

 The Iraqi refugees that fled the City of  Ramadi after the takeover by ISIS are now stranded after the Iraq  government shut the only safe passage bridge that connects Anbar and Baghdad province.

CNN's Arwa Damon, reporting from the bridge at Bzebiz, Iraq says people are begging her to take their children across the bridge to safety. The bridge pictured above is 40 miles West of Baghdad

Watch this disturbing video report from CNN

McCain: Obama Admin’s ISIS Comments Are ‘Mind-Boggling’ (VIDEO)

McCain: Put 10,000 troops on the ground.

This (ISIS takeover) is a disaster and it was predicted by me he says...

McCain, in this interview with CNN calls for putting 10,000 troops on the ground in Iraq to push back ISIS. Sen. McCain says we should train, arm and equip the Iraqi forces, but we need American intelligence on the ground to coordinated airstrikes as some sorties are returning without dropping a single bomb because they don't have ground info.

He makes some good points on what should be done here. He calls for a shift in strategy (btw, will never happen) like there was in 2006 and 2007 to defeat the enemy



Bush Legacy vs. Obama Legacy in Iraq

This pretty much nails it...


Ted Cruz: I Can Mobilize and Energize Millions of Conservatives Who Otherwise Won’t Vote (AUDIO)

Host asks Ted Cruz: What sets you apart from the others?

Sen. Ted Cruz on the “Pat Campbell Radio Show” yesterday. Cruz said Republicans have a “great field” of Candidates for 2016. When asked why he would be the best choice, Cruz said the central issue of the campaign will be “trust.” Who can Conservatives best trust to go to Washington and do what they say they will do? Cruz says he has a “proven record of walking the walk, not just talk the talk.”

via freedomslighthouse


NBC’s Richard Engel: Continuing the Same Iraq Strategy is ‘the Definition of Stupidity’

Add Richard Engel – NBC News’ chief foreign correspondent – to the growing number of voices in the media who have criticized the United States’ strategy to defeat the Islamic State. On the May 21 edition of The Rundown with Jose Diaz-Balart, Engel found no reason to dispute that ISIS was a de facto nation and argued that U.S. efforts to repel the terror group have been largely ineffective.

Engel claimed that the U.S.’s repeated failures “raise enormous questions about strategy.” He ended with a final shot at the president’s foreign policy decisions in Iraq: “Can the U.S. continue on its course even when, you know, the definition of stupidity, frankly, is continuing on the same course and expecting a different result. And I think we may be heading in that direction


"We Don't Give a Sh*t About You": Chris Christie Delivers Profanity-Laced Tirade At NJ Press Dinner (AUDIO)

WASHINGTON -- Gov. Chris Christie, assuring reporters that he is still planning a 2016 presidential campaign, delivered a profanity-laced tirade about the New Jersey press corps on Wednesday night at the annual New Jersey Legislative Correspondents Club Show, according to an audio recording of the speech obtained by International Business Times. Even attendees used to Christie's brusque demeanor thought the speech was unusually biting.

Christie told reporters at the dinner that he "just doesn't give a s---" about the media


Letterman's Final Show Scores 13.7M Viewers, Highest Ratings Since 1994

When Jay Leno departed "The Tonight Show" in 2014, he had 14.6 million viewers, according to Nielsen

'Long way back from Johnny Carson's farewell show in 1992 which drew 50 million viewers

David Letterman's final appearance as host of "The Late Show" averaged 13.76 million viewers, the CBS program's best ratings performance since February 1994..

That's more than four times the 2.8 million viewers "The Late Show" has averaged for the 2014-15 season. The Wednesday telecast was the fourth most-watched "Late Show" episode since the show premiered in 1993.

Letterman's finale on Wednesday averaged a 3.1 rating among 18 to 49 year olds, the group most coveted by advertisers. That number is the highest since Dec. 1, 2005, when Letterman had Oprah Winfrey as a guest. A total of 13.5 million watched that episode.

Only three "Late Show" telecasts have had larger audiences than the Letterman farewell. The largest was on February 25, 1994 following CBS coverage of the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer.

Letterman's debut on CBS on August 30, 1993, was the second most watched episode, with 15.1 million viewers.


Chris Christie: Imagine After The Lanes Closures -- My Emails Were on a Private Server and I Deleted Them

Christie: Media owes me an apology.  I did nothing yet this was a bigger scandal than the IRS and Clinton email server story.

Chris Christie says the media owes him an apology over the Bridgegate scandal.

“I do believe there's an absolute bias and a rush to judgment. You all know this, you saw the coverage of me 15 months ago. I was guilty, I had done it,” Christie said on CNBC Thursday morning. “Now we're 15 months later, where are the apologies pouring in? Not one thing I said the day after the bridge situation has been proven wrong.”

Christie has not been implicated for any role in the closing of several lanes on the George Washington Bridge in September of 2013 which caused major traffic delays. Christie’s former high-school classmate and Port Authority official David Wildstein pleaded guilty earlier this month to conspiracy counts related to the lane closures

On Thursday, Christie said the uproar over the lane closures was overblown and covered more than other stories like the IRS scandals or Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

I think if you objectively looked at it you would say it was. At the time Bridgegate was outgunning, six or seven to one the IRS scandal,” Christie said.

Christie said that if he had come out in the days after the lane closures announcing that his emails were on a private server and he had deleted them, the reaction would have been much worse than the one Clinton has received.

“Can you imagine how the reaction would be? Yet today, we don't even talk about the email situation with Secretary Clinton it's as though it went away,” Christie said. ”Has there been coverage of the email situation with the secretary? Absolutely. But the intensity of the coverage and relentlessness of coverage is different.”