Chart of Trump Campaign Comebacks

Can he do it again?

Today, with a little over 2 weeks to go, Trump trials by 6% in the RCP average.

But he was down in May and he came back. He was down again June and August and came back. Can he do it once more?

WATCH-----> Joe Biden Wishes He Could Take Donald Trump 'Behind The Gym'....

Crazy uncle Joe getting angry at his rally this afternoon campaigning for Crooked Hillary in Pennsylvania. He wishes he could take Trump out the back and yeah, ---> (punch him).

Just look at his face in the YouTube still below

Vice President Joe Biden wants to take on Donald Trump—and not on a debate stage.

During a speech at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania on Friday while campaigning for Hillary Clinton, Biden addressed Trump’s aggressive and lewd remarks about women from a recently leaked 2005 video. He said Trump’s “disgusting assertion” that he could grope and kiss women because he was famous was the “textbook definition of sexual assault”—and Biden had an idea for conveying his disapproval.

“The press always asks me: don’t I wish I were debating him,” Biden said. “No, I wish we were in high school—I could take him behind the gym. That’s what I wish.”

Michael Moore: Anyone Voting for Trump is a 'Legal Terrorist'

Further proof that the left can pretty much say anything they want...

This is outrageous.

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore in a new interview calls anyone who plans to vote for Donald Trump a "legal terrorist" because the Republican pres. nominee wants to "blow up the old way."
Moore told Rolling Stone magazine that he wants those considering voting for Trump to "think about the damage they could do by being a legal terrorist on November 8th."
When asked to elaborate on the term, he said that it includes "any" person who is voting for Trump.
"Legally, you have a right to vote on November 8th," Moore explained. "He's told everybody that's what he's going to do. He's the outsider who is going to ride into town and blow up the old way. So you, as a voter, get to participate in the detonation. He's going to get a lot of votes from people who actually just want to sit back and watch the thing blow up," he added.
Moore, who announced this week his surprise new film "Michael Moore in TrumpLand," also reflected on the latest Trump controversy. He said that contrary to popular opinion, Trump's sandals should make people more concerned about the election.

"I'm more concerned. I think this is all about voter turnout and the more people feel relaxed and not as worried or not believing how important their vote is, because it looks like he's done."

Poll From IBT/TIPP Shows Trump With a 2 Point Lead

October 22

I'm fully aware that Hillary Clinton is ahead in 11 of 16 battlegreound states and also ahead in a number of national polls, but this IBT/TIPP is now showing Trump with a 2 point lead. Rasmussen also shows Trump leading. 17 days is plenty of time for the trajectory of this race to change once again. There is no doubt that if you were to take away the Access Hollywood NBC hit piece video on Trump, he'd be tied or leading in nearly all of these national polls.

WATCH: Trump UNLOADS ON Hillary At Charity Dinner, Gets BOOED Repeatedly By The Crowd

Usually this is a light-hearted, self deprecating night filled with jokes that are fit for a charity event.

But Trump went after Hillary hard.

It got quiet. Then there were boos.

"Here she is in public, pretending to not hate Catholics"

President Obama Claims Premium Rates Increases Are Not Because of ObamaCare

Inside the universe of Obama lies.


Clinton Leading Trump by 5 in Arizona

Clinton campaign going up with $2 million in ad spending in Arizona.

Trump was gonna win California and NY (we were told), now he's struggling to defend Arizona and Georgia, both red states.

Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 5 percentage points in Arizona, according to an Arizona Republic/Morrison/Cronkite News poll released Wednesday.  Clinton tops Trump in Arizona, 39 percent to 34 percent. Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson garners 6 percent support, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein registers at 1 percent. Twenty-one percent, however, are undecided.

Arizona has voted for the Republican candidate for president in 15 of the last 16 presidential elections, yet Clinton's campaign is making a play for the state. Clinton has deployed some of her top surrogates in the state, including Bernie Sanders; her daughter, Chelsea Clinton; and first lady Michelle Obama, who will stump there Thursday.

VIDEO----> Cardinal Dolan Demands Apology From Clinton Campaign Over Anti-Catholic Remarks

Emails released last week by WikiLeaks showed Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta and Director of Communications Jennifer Palmieri, both Catholics, in conversations with activists from two left-wing organizations.

In the emails, Catholics were debased, with their beliefs being called “severely backwards.” Conservative Catholics also were accused of “an amazing bastardization of the faith.

WATCH Dolan respond here--->

Divider-in-Chief: Trump's Vision of America is Dark and Pessimistic, Where We Turn on Each Other

Obama in Florida campaigning for Crooked Hillary takes some serious personal swipes at Donald Trump


WATCH-----> Crowd Chants 'Lock Her Up' While CNN Discusses Hillary's Electoral Map Lead

An on-site CNN panel had difficulty on Wednesday discussing the 2016 electoral map and what both presidential candidates should do in their third debate later that night when a crowd in Las Vegas began relentlessly chanting “lock her up” for at least a minute straight.

“Lock her up! Lock her up!” the crowd roared.

The Washington Post‘s Dan Balz tried to talk over them, but due to a faulty microphone, was initially unsuccessful.