Newt: It's as Though President Obama & His Team Set Out To Do Everything They Could To Undermine America's Position in the World

Gingrich on Fox News: Obama is a combination of "bitterly hostile to traditional American and living in a fantasy world"

"It is unimaginable how much damage he has done"

Krauthammer: Obama Completely Overshot His 2008 Mandate

Charles says O's mandate was to govern as a moderate, but he ended governing like Bernie Sanders.

'He did many things, but they were all built on sand' ...


Bill Bennett on Dems Skipping Trump Inauguration: "Shame on You"

Bill Bennett had some strong words for the Democratic lawmakers who are planning to skip President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony on Friday.

"Shame on you," Bennett said to Rep. John Lewis and at least 30 other Democrats who have stated their intention to skip the event. "They're weakening the institutional process."

He explained that the inauguration isn't just a peaceful transition of power, it's a bipartisan celebration of the peaceful transition of power.

He added that Trump is the legitimate president-elect, and there's no question about the validity of his election victory.

Flashback 30 Years Ago: When Nixon Predicted Donald Trump Will Be Elected President

"You will be the winner" wrote Nixon to Trump

Where did it come from? Donald Trump had appeared on Phil Donohue’s daytime TV talk show in 1987 — and his performance impressed Nixon’s wife, Pat

Four days before Christmas that same year, Nixon wrote to Trump:

“Dear Donald, I did not see the program, But Mrs. Nixon told me you were great."

“As you can imagine, she is an expert on politics and she predicts that whenever you decide to run for office, you will be a winner!”

He signed the letter with his “warm regards.’’

Rush POUNCES: John Lewis is a Dem Hack Who Has Been Living Off What Happened To Him In Selma All These Years

Rush: He does not have the moral authority that's been granted him...

Listen to Rush Limbaugh open his program today blasting John Lewis as a 'Democratic hack'

Trump Condemns Russian Military Campaign in Syria, Says Putin Should Reduce Nuclear Arsenal

Trump condemns Russian aggression in Syria 

'Shooting old ladies walking out of town' is 'terrible'

President-elect Trump blames Obama for not intervening 

UK Independent
Just one day after suggesting he may lift sanctions on Russia for US election-related hacking, Donald Trump has condemned Russia’s involvement in the Syrian conflict.

In an interview published in The Times with the UK’s former justice secretary Michael Gove, the President-elect blamed US President Barack Obama for not intervening further to prevent President Assad and Vladimir Putin carrying out attacks in Aleppo.

According to Mr Gove, Mr Trump was “unequivocal” in his condemnation of Mr Putin over his role in the conflict, despite reiterating his desire to improve the US’s relations with Russia.

Mr Trump said: “It’s a very bad thing, we had a chance to do something when we had the line in the sand and . . . nothing happened. That was the only time. And now, it’s sort of very late. It’s too late . . . But Aleppo was nasty.

He added: “I mean when you see them shooting old ladies walking out of town — they can’t even walk and they’re shooting ’em — it almost looks like they’re shooting ’em for sport — ah no, that’s . . . a terrible situation.”
In the interview, Trump also said he would be willing to review Russia’s sanctions if  Putin reduced Russia’s nuclear arsenal.

He said: “They have sanctions on Russia — let’s see if we can make some good deals with Russia. For one thing, I think nuclear weapons should be way down and reduced very substantially, that’s part of it. But Russia’s hurting very badly right now because of sanctions, but I think something can happen that a lot of people are gonna benefit.”

VIDEO----> Judge Jeanine Opening Monologue Destroys John Lewis, Rosie O'Donnell

"You lost, we won, swallow your pride, get in line and stop thinking you're so damn important...Donald J. Trump is the president for the next 4 years, deal with it"

Excellent opening statement from Judge Jeanine. She also goes after Democrat Maxine Waters for refusing to meet Trump.

Thousands of Bikers for Trump Ready to Stand up to Protesters at Inauguration (VIDEO)

A motorcycle group led by a South Carolina artist will ride into the nation’s capital on Inauguration Day in support of the 45th President of the United States.

Bikers for Trump, a group of motorcycle enthusiasts, will likely be toeing the line with protesters, who are also expected to be at the event. “The bikers are certainly used to being outnumbered and we are prepared to form a wall of meat,” Chris Cox, the founder of the organization, told the FOX Business Network.

However, Cox said he doesn’t foresee any problems occurring during the event, especially after the group’s experience at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, where police successfully maintained order between Trump’s supporters and protesters.

We’re anticipating a celebration here. We don’t anticipate any problems. We have a strict code of conduct where we don’t condone violence. But again in the event that we’re needed, you can certainly count on the Bikers for Trump,” Cox said


Watch the founder of Bikers for Trump on Fox News
"We are prepared to form a wall"

PHOTO: When Trump Met Ronald Reagan At The White House

This from the Reagan Library Archive.
Reagan shaking hand of future president at the WH
[click to enlarge]

President Reagan shaking hands with Donald Trump at a Reception for members of the "Friends of Art and Preservation in Embassies" Foundation in the White House Blue Room 11/3/87 
Photo Credit- Reagan Library

Neil Cavuto: Now CNN Knows How Fox News Has Felt for Past 8 Years (VIDEO)

Fox’s Neil Cavuto today reacted to Donald Trump‘s feud with CNN by asking CNN if they now understand how Fox has felt the past eight years.

Trump scolded CNN’s Jim Acosta during a heated back-and-forth yesterday and said CNN was “fake news.” Acosta said incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer warned him against doing that again.

Cavuto asked today, “How does it feel to be dismissed, or worse, ignored? How does it feel when your feelings are hurt, when your reporters are singled out, and you’re treated unfairly and unkindly, even rudely?”

He ran a montage of President Obama taking shot after shot at Fox, even bringing up that major controversy concerning the DOJ and Fox’s own reporter James Rosen.

WATCH Neil Cavuto's take on Trump's press conference