VIDEO-----> MSNBC OBSESSED With Russia – 56 Mentions in 1 Hour

Lib media sticking to the Russia narrative, because that's what they think will sink Trump.
Watch here-- This is taken from just one hour of MSNBC programming

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(Friday)  Kellyanne Conway mocking CNN’s Russia fixation. Conway told Alisyn Camerota: “I know that we just like to say the word ‘Russia, Russia’ to try to mislead the voters. And I know that CNN is aiding and abetting this nonsense as well.”

Well, if CNN likes to say “Russia, Russia,” we’ll need to multiply that 28 times to understand the depth of MSNBC’s obsession with the subject. In the first hour of Joy Reid’s MSNBC show this morning, the word “Russia” or “Russian” was heard . . . 56 times!

Check out the YouTube we’ve prepared (above), in which we caught 56 Russia iterations. Good thing people didn’t agree to a drinking game of a shot of Stoli every time Russia was mentioned: the ER rooms would be full!

Republican Congressman Calls for Robert Mueller To Recuse Himself From Russia Probe

Why is there just one Republican? There should have been dozens on our side calling for Mueller to recuse himself when it was clear he could not be impartial and because of his close relationship for years with James Comey.  Even after news broke that Special Prosecutor Mueller was hiring lawyers who had contributed exclusively to Hillary Clinton's campaign, Republicans were silent. 

A freshman member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus is calling for special counsel Robert Mueller to recuse himself from the Russia investigation because he has brought on "highly partisan" lawyers to help with the probe.

"Special Counsel Robert Mueller should recuse himself because the integrity of his appointment is in question due to former FBI Director James Comey's manipulative leaks and the relationship between Mr. Comey and Mr. Mueller," Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., said in a statement Friday. "His ability to be impartial is doubtful because he has surrounded himself with highly partisan lawyers who make a special practice to line the coffers of Democrats."

News outlets have reported at least three lawyers Mueller has hired to help conduct his investigation have donated almost exclusively to Democrats. Also, Mueller and Comey are friends and former colleagues.

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Jeffrey Toobin: 'Almost No Chance' Trump Will Be Impeached

Here's a disappointed Jeffrey Toobin on Conan's show on TBS talking politics, Trump and whether he'll be impeached. At the end of the video, Toobin says that Dems need something else other than, 'Donald Trump is corrupt' if they plan on winning.


MSNBC Analyst: Supporting Trump is Like 'Hugging a Suicide Bomber'

Trump hatred never stops-

Political analyst Elise Jordan remarked on MSNBC that defending President Trump is like "hugging a suicide bomber" given that so many of his statements turn out to be untrue.

“My advice would just be to Republicans who do cozy up to him — it’s like hugging a suicide bomber," she said. “He blows you up in the process with him.”

'That's a little strong, Elise," host Craig Melvin replied

Dem Congressman: Much More Difficult For Us to Take Back the House With Pelosi As Leader

Democrat Tim Ryan of Ohio tells MSNBC things are going to be much more difficult for us with Pelosi as the face of the Dem party in some of these races against Republicans.

He says 'you've gotta beat the Republcan' plus carry this 'toxic Democratic brand' (Pelosi)


WATCH-----> NATO F-16 BUZZES Russian Defense Minister's Plane...Moments Later, An Armed Russian Fighter Approaches

(Screen grab) NATO F-16 on outside, Russian Sukhoi 27 Fighter in middle, and plane taking video is the Russian Defense Minister

-Plane carrying Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu was reportedly 'buzzed'
-But Sukhoi-27 soon arrived to warn it off - by tilting wings and showing weapons
-Comes as Sweden summons Russian ambassador today over similar incident
-Dramatic footage has been released which appears to show the encounter

A Russian fighter jet chased off a NATO aircraft after it buzzed a plane carrying defence minister Sergei Shoigu over the Baltic Sea, Russian news agencies have said.

The F-16 had tried to approach the aircraft carrying the defence minister even though it was flying over neutral waters, agencies said today, before a Russian Sukhoi-27 turned up to warn it off.

Shoigu was reported to be en route to the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad for a meeting to discuss how well Russia's western flank was defended.

In dramatic footage appearing to show the incident unfolding, a Sukhoi-27 can be seen flying between an F-16 and another plane before tilting its wings. The F-16 then seems to fly off.

Here's the video-
WATCH as the Russian fighter tips its wings to the F-16 to show weapons

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Michael Moore: Dems Have ‘No Message, No Plan, No Leaders

Moore sounds off after last night's defeat in Georgia 6

'Dems are 0-4'

Liberal activist Michael Moore lashed out at national Democrats on Wednesday after the party fell short in a special House runoff election in Georgia despite spending tens of millions of dollars on a race that was viewed as a referendum on President Trump.

Moore and others on the left are furious with what they view as a rudderless Democratic Party that has failed to develop a new strategy or message in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s surprising election loss in November.

Moore ripped the Democratic National Committee and its House campaign arm for having “no message, no plan, no leaders.” Democratic leaders “hate the resistance,” Moore said, underscoring the lingering tension between the party’s grassroots base and the establishment in Washington.

Moore takes to Twitter: 'The DNC has NO idea how to win'...

Dem Party Posts Worst Fundraising Numbers in Month of May Since 2003

The Democratic National Committee raised only $4.29 million in May, the organization’s worst fundraising performance in that month since 2003, according to data from the Federal Election Commission.

In May 2003, the DNC raised $2.7 million, but since that time, the party’s worst totals in May had previously been $4.5 million in both 2005 and 2015. It is common for fundraising totals to dip in the year following a presidential election race.

This comes one month after the DNC posted its worst April in terms of fundraising since 2009, hauling in just $4.7 million.

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Larry Sabato on Republican Win: The Reality is, It's Going to Be a Long Struggle for Dems to Retake the House

Larry Sabato on implications of Ossoff defeat: 'It's pretty depressing' for Democrats

The euphoria of defeating Donald Trump has been replaced with reality he says here on CNN