Trump Raises $11 MILLION DOLLARS In Just 48 Hours.

The Mainstream Media and spineless Republican critics were out in force earlier this week bemoaning Donald Trump’s lack of a political fundraising operation. Team Trump shrugged off the criticism and then proceeded to initiate a fundraising effort that saw a groundswell of support from backers both great and small who quickly amassed a remarkable $11 million dollars into the coffers of Team Trump and the RNC.

Much to the chagrin of the Clinton Machine and Trump’s critics, it doesn’t appear the New York billionaire will have any trouble raising campaign cash

The astonishing 48-hour $11 million mark was reported on by CNN just this morning.

Lean and mean appears to be Donald Trump’s political battle theme in 2016, and the results would so far indicate he has done remarkably well by that rule.

In addition to his cash haul, Trump is also enjoying a just as recent bump in the all-important battleground state polls, indicating

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Former Hillary Clinton IT Bryan Pagliano Pleads The Fifth 130 Times During Deposition

Pagliano was the person who set up and maintained Hillary Clinton's private server. In true Clinton fashion, he pleaded the 5th 130 times during a deposition this week.

ABC News reported:
Hillary Clinton's former IT staffer, once responsible for maintaining her private computer server, refused to answer questions from lawyers about her email setup and invoked his Fifth Amendment right 130 times during a deposition this week, according to a transcript of the deposition.

Bryan Pagliano was deposed Wednesday as part of a lawsuit concerning Clinton's email account brought by the conservative group Judicial Watch. The transcript of that deposition was posted online today.

A total of 14 lawyers were present during the deposition. The sniping began immediately, with one of Pagliano's attorneys objecting to the first question -- claiming it was outside the scope of discovery to inquire whether or not Mr. Pagliano could answer questions truthfully.

As for Pagliano, aside from stating his full name and answering "yes" to a few procedural questions (such as whether or not his name had been pronounced correctly), everything else he uttered was the same: "On the advice of counsel, I will decline to answer your question in reliance on my rights under the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution."


26 of the Democrats Who Participated in the Gun Control Sit-In Own Guns

Congressional Democrats ended their 25-hour sit-in on the House floor this afternoon, failing to force a vote on two pieces of gun legislation.

The controversial sit-in included 26 Democratic lawmakers who themselves own guns, Heat Street learned after examining 2013 USA Today data on congressional firearms ownership. The participants also included 12 more Democrats in Congress who either didn’t respond to USA Today’s gun survey or declined to say whether or not they possessed a firearm.

The sit-in, launched by civil-rights leader Rep. John Lewis, centered on two pieces of proposed gun legislation. One would expand background checks to cover all commercial gun sales; the other seeks tougher prohibitions against gun purchases for terror suspects.


Corey Lewandowski: Trump's V.P. List No More Than 4 Names (VIDEO)

CNN political commentator and former Donald Trump campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, said the presumptive GOP nominee's list of possible vice presidential candidates has no more than four people on it right now. He was on with CNN's Erin Burnett


Paul Ryan: Dems Staging Protests, Trying to Get on TV...It's Nothing More Than a Publicity Stunt To Raise Money

House Speaker Paul Ryan called the Democrat's protest on the failure to pass gun control legislation a "publicity stunt to raise money." He then added that the House's focus needed to remain on defeating terrorism.


Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump By 4 Points in Arizona

So we are to believe Trump might carry California and New York, but a deep red state like Arizona, Clinton leads by 4? Are you kidding? This is not good.

Hillary Clinton beats Donald Trump is a head-to-head matchup in Arizona, according to a new poll released Thursday.

The survey, conducted by a Phoenix-based firm, gives Clinton 46.5 percent to Trump's 42.2 percent.

The ruby-red state is not usually in play in presidential races. Before Bill Clinton in 1996, the last Democrat to win the state was Harry Truman in 1948. Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, defeated President Obama by nine points in Arizona.


Charles Barkley: LeBron James Will Never Be A Top-5 NBA Great

Basketball analyst and Hall of Famer Charles Barkley has been a consistent critic of LeBron James. He's stated in the past that he wouldn't rank LeBron among his top 5 all-time NBA players. That hasn't changed.

But according to Barkley, there's nothing LeBron can do to ever jump into his top 5 of Michael Jordan, Oscar Robertson, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain.

Barkley was a guest on the first episode of Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons on HBO, and he defended his stance despite Simmons' argument that LeBron is absolutely a top 5 NBA great


Donald Rumsfeld Endorses Trump - It Was Not a Hard Decision

Rumsfeld: Hillary Clinton's conduct 'disqualifying'

WASHINGTON — Donald Rumsfeld, a key architect of the Iraq war, announced Wednesday that he’s supporting Donald Trump, one of its biggest critics.

The former defense secretary in the George W. Bush administration said he’s never met Trump, but he’s certainly preferable to Hillary Clinton.

“I don’t even find it a hard decision,” he said. Rumsfeld pooh-poohed the candidate’s accusations that the Bush administration lied to get the country into war.

“I’m 83 years old, I’ve been through a lot of elections, and I’ve never found anyone that I’ve agreed with 100 percent of the time,” Rumsfeld said.

Rumsfeld said he’d “prefer” if Trump saw Iraq his way, but that Clinton’s conduct has been “disqualifying.”

He pointed to her mishandling of classified information, ethical lapses, and said the country needs “something other than what we’ve had in the last 8 years.”


POLL: Nearly Half of Bernie Sanders Supporters Won't Vote For Hillary Clinton in November

22% say they will vote for Trump

Depite attempts by establishment Democrats to unify the party ahead of the general election, an astonishing poll out today by Bloomberg Politics shows almost half of Bernie Sanders supporters will not support Hillary Clinton in the general election.

Fifty-five percent of voters who supported Sanders in the primary say they’ll vote for the former Secretary of State, while over a fifth—22 percent—of Sanders supporters say they will cast their ballot for Republican nominee Donald Trump. Eighteen percent plan to vote for the Libertarian choice, Gary Johnson.

This poll comes two weeks after Clinton became the presumptive nominee. Sanders, who promised to “support” Clinton and vowed to “do everything in my power” to defeat Trump,” has yet to endorse the former Secretary of State
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New Poll Shows Only Marco Rubio Beats Democrats in Florida Senate Race

Florida Senate:
Marco Rubio 47%, Democrat Pat Murphy 40%
Marco Rubio 48%, Democrat Alan Grayson 40%

A new Florida poll shows why GOP elites have lobbied U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio so hard to reverse course and run for re-election: He’s the only Republican who’s beating the Democrats in the race for his seat.

Rubio, who could make his intentions clear on Wednesday, leads U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy 47 percent to 40 percent and U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson 48 percent to 40 percent, according to a QPoll of 975 registered Florida voters that has a 3.1 percentage point error margin.

All of the race’s four announced Republican candidates lose to those two Democrats in theoretical head-to-head match-ups, according to the poll. With the exception of Murphy, all the candidates announced after Rubio said he wouldn’t seek re-election because he was running for president.

An incumbent who once enjoyed high favorable ratings, Rubio’s image took a beating when he ran for president.
When you lose a presidential election, your numbers go down at home. It’s an axiom of American politics,” said Peter A. Brown, Quinnipiac's assistant polling director. “But it’s important to say that if Rubio runs, he’ll start off ahead. And in a year when Republicans are having trouble, it’s better to start off ahead than behind.”


Good news-
Rubio's in


'She's a World-Class Liar': Donald Trump Unloads on Hillary Clinton In NYC Speech

-Hillary Clinton has perfected the politics of personal profit and even theft. She ran the State Dept. like her own personal hedge fund, doing favors for oppressive regimes and many other, inexchange for cash, pure and simple.

-'If she ever became President, God help us'