PHOTOS: Bernie Sanders Rally In Madison, Wisconsin Fills 10,000-Seat Stadium

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders touted his progressive credentials before his largest crowd to date Wednesday night as he pushed his campaign into Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s backyard.

Sanders packed the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Madison, filling its 10,000 seats to show his bid to snatch the Democratic nomination from front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton isn’t a longshot after all.

“Tonight we have made a little bit of history,” the white-haired Sanders said at a podium positioned between Wisconsin and United States flags at the outset of his hourlong speech before a boisterous crowd. “Tonight, we have more people at any meeting for a candidate of president of the United States than any other candidate.” (Breitbart)


Levin on NBC Parting Ways With Trump: How Can a Corporation That Pays and Promotes Al Sharpton Attack Donald Trump?

NBC's 'shifting moral ground' Levin calls it.

"This is about politics, you can't possible have Sharpton on your airways and lecture anybody about anything!"


More Than a Third of Americans Are Open To Leaving The U.S.

 New survey says 35% of American-born residents would consider leaving the United States to live in another country

As the Fourth of July weekend looms and Americans prep their grills and ready their fireworks, some citizens are packing their bags.

A recent online poll of more than 2,000 adults by TransferWise, a peer-to-peer money transfer service based in the United Kingdom, revealed that 35 percent of American-born residents and emigrants would consider leaving the United States to live in another country.

This percentage greatly increases for those age 18 to 34. More than half of millennials, a whopping 55 percent, said that they would consider leaving the U.S. for foreign shores. Among them, 43 percent of men and 38 percent of women noted that a higher salary would be a factor in their relocation decision.

While a high percentage of Americans would entertain the idea of expatriation, only .001 percent of the population actually renounced citizenship in 2014.


Macy's Drops Donald Trump Menswear Line After Comments About Illegals

Trump: Boycott them

NEW YORK (AP) — Rapper Flo Rida has pulled out of his guest appearance at the "Miss USA" pageant later this month and Macy's has dumped Donald Trump, part of the continued fallout over the GOP hopeful's remarks about Mexican immigrants during his presidential campaign announcement.

Earlier Wednesday, Macy's became the latest company to end its relationship with Trump. Companies have been cutting ties with Trump left and right after his presidential campaign kickoff speech last week in which he declared that some Mexican immigrants bring drugs and crime to the U.S. and are rapists.

NBC, Spanish-language station Univision, TV company Ora TV and Mexican TV network Televisa have cut ties with Trump. The developer is suing Univision for $500 million for breach of contract for dropping the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants, which are a joint venture between NBC and Trump. The pageant will be live-streamed on the Miss USA website.

Macy's said in a statement that the retailer is "disappointed and distressed" by Trump's remarks and will end its relationship with him.

Macy's has carried a Donald Trump menswear line since 2004, including $70 button down-shirts and $65 striped ties.
CBS News reports-


TV Land Pulls Reruns of 'Dukes of Hazzard' Over Conferderate Flag

Absolutely, positively insane. 

ABC News
The debate over the Confederate flag continues to spread to the entertainment world.

A week after Warner Bros. announced it would no longer sanction the manufacturing of "Dukes of Hazzard" merchandise featuring the flag, TV Land announced it's pulling reruns of the 1980s’ TV series featuring John Schneider and Tom Wopat as Bo and Luke Duke in fictional Hazzard County, Georgia.

Last week, Warner Bros. stopped licensing 'Dukes of Hazzard' products with the Confederate Flag

In a statement to ABC News, the network confirmed Wednesday that the show had been "removed" from its schedule, while declining to comment further.

Reruns can still be found on CMT and online.

TV Land's decision comes amid a growing national debate over the use of the Confederate flag, which was painted on the roof of The General Lee, the orange Dodge Charger driven by the Duke boys.


Rove Blasts Obama on Cuba: This is a Big Mistake, We Should Not Be Normalizing Relations With a Totalitarian Regime

President Obama formally announced Wednesday that the U.S. is renewing diplomatic relations with Cuba. Now the first time in 54 years, a U.S. flag will fly over the Cuban Embassy in Havana.

Karl Rove goes off: "We are basically today giving a blessing to a regime that has dozens of political prisoners, it represses individuals or groups who criticize the government and dozens of them are in jail"

Rove then points out that in 2014, 8899 were temporarily detained in Cuba for the crime of criticizing the government


CNN Poll: Trump Jumps Into Second Place Nationwide

Marco Rubio (who led in May) and Scott Walker who was 3rd in May are now both out of the top 5 in this new CNN/ORC poll

Washington (CNN)—With nearly all of the expected 2016 presidential candidates formally in the race, a new CNN/ORC national poll finds two recent entrants to the GOP field on the rise, while Hillary Clinton maintains her position atop the Democratic field, though holding a slightly slimmer lead.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and businessman Donald Trump top the list of GOP presidential contenders following their back-to-back campaign launches in mid-June, and are the only two Republican candidates holding double-digit support among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents.

Clinton, though, continues to lead all GOP candidates in head-to-head general election match-ups. Among Republicans, Bush stands at 19%, up from 13% in May -- and his best showing in CNN/ORC polling since December. Trump follows at 12%, up from 3% before his announcement.

Trump: I blow everyone away, so why don't we just cancel these primaries....
Watch the video-


Michael Savage Goes After Levin: A Phony Lawyer Posing As a Talk Show Host (AUDIO)

This is a step up from the normal back and forth jabs between Savage and Mark Levin.

Savage goes after Levin saying, back in the 80s, it was them who gave us Justice Anthony Kennedy, he says Levin didn't know what a conservative was then, how does he know what a conservative is now? (Levin worked for Attorney General Ed Meese during the Reagan Administation)

"Never forget who gave us Justice Kennedy, it was Ronald Reagan, Edwin Meese and an unknown lawyers who is now posing as a conservative talk show host"

Following that, he warns Levin to stop what he's doing.

This gets really heavy near end of this audio clip.




"If this host opens his fat mouth one more time"....


Rudy Giuliani: "As Far As Concrete Accomplishments, Ted Cruz is a Man of NO Accomplishments.”

Rudy takes a swipe at Ted Cruz: All he has done is talk...



Jeb Bush to Release 33 Years of Tax Returns


Republican Jeb Bush is planning to release 33 years of tax returns Tuesday – the most ever by a U.S. presidential candidate.

The decision to release more than three decades of financial information comes as Mr. Bush aims to demonstrate he is more transparent and accessible than his opponents, particularly Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. She has filed the financial disclosure form required for presidential candidates but has not made her tax returns public.

The voluntary practice dates back to 1952, when vice presidential candidate Richard Nixon challenged opponents to release their returns.

The record number of returns disclosed was 28 years’ worth by Republican Bob Dole over the course of three presidential and vice presidential campaigns.

The only other 2016 candidate who has released tax information so far is Republican Carly Fiorina, who disclosed two years of returns.