Trump Passes 1,237 Mark To Clinch Nomination

Trump now has 1,238 delegates

Donald Trump reached the number of delegates needed to clinch the Republican nomination for president Thursday, completing an unlikely rise that has upended the political landscape and set the stage for a bitter fall campaign.

Trump was put over the top in the Associated Press delegate count by a small number of the party's unbound delegates who told the AP they would support him at the national convention in July. Among them is Oklahoma GOP chairwoman Pam Pollard.

"I think he has touched a part of our electorate that doesn't like where our country is," Pollard said. "I have no problem supporting Mr. Trump."

It takes 1,237 delegates to win the Republican nomination. Trump has reached 1,238. With 303 delegates at stake in five state primaries on June 7, Trump will easily pad his total, avoiding a contested convention in Cleveland.

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Mitt Romney: Donald Trump won't be the Republican nominee


Scarborough Goes Into a Rant on Clinton Emails: 'Stop Lying'...'Stop Digging'

Scarborough reminds the panel of how the Clintons would lie about everything all through the 90s when he was a member of Congress.



Andrea Mitchell: You Can't View IG Report About Clinton Email Server as 'Anything But Devastating'

 'There are so many flaws' in her argument

This is coming from Andrea Mitchell. Wow.


Obamas to Rent $6 Million, Nine-Bedroom Home in DC After Leaving White House

Just a cool $22,000 a month!

President Barack Obama and his family will move to a $6 million nine-bedroom rented home in an upscale Washington neighborhood — two blocks from the White House — when he leaves in January.

The 8,200-square-foot home will be the residence of the Obama family as youngest daughter Sasha completes high school at Sidwell Friends School, The New York Times reports, quoting anonymous sources.

Sasha Obama, who turns 15 next month, graduates in 2018. Based on several real estate websites, the home is valued at nearly $6 million and carries a monthly rent of about $22,000. It is owned by Joe Lockhart, a former press secretary and senior adviser to former President Bill Clinton, the Times reports.

Lockhart is now executive vice president for communications for the National Football League.


Chris Matthews: Anti-Obama Americans Want Him Wiped from History Books

Yeah, that's it.

In the overnight hours of Tuesday into Wednesday, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews suggested that there’s a segment of Americans opposed to President Barack Obama who want him permanently wiped from U.S. history books and any list of American Presidents because of his race.

Right on the dot at 1:00 a.m. Eastern, Matthews also creepily complimented NBC News correspondent Hallie Jackson for having “definitely calmest voice out there” amidst the violence after a Donald Trump rally in New Mexico.


Members of the Military Overwhelmingly Prefer Trump Over Hillary Clinton

Not even close-

A new poll shows that members of the U.S. military overwhelmingly support presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump over Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. The Morning Consult poll shows that 51 percent of members of the military surveyed would vote for Trump, compared to 36 percent for Clinton.

Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders fared only slightly better against Trump than Clinton among military voter. Of those serving in the military, 52 percent would vote for Trump compared to 39 percent for Sanders.

Trump's favorability rating among members of the military and in military households is 50 percent -- higher than the national average of 41 percent, according to the poll.

The poll also showed that among those who viewed him favorably, he rated the highest among those who listed "Security" as their top issue. The next highest was among those who listed "Economy" as their number-one


California poll: Clinton and Sanders in Virtual Dead Heat

She can't put him away.

mercury news
SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Fueled by independents and younger voters fed up with both parties, Bernie Sanders has clawed his way back from a seemingly insurmountable deficit to draw nearly even with Hillary Clinton in California, a new poll finds less than two weeks before the Golden State's primary.

The Vermont senator now trails Clinton 46 percent to 44 percent among likely voters, a virtual dead heat well within the margin of error of the survey conducted by the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California.

While even losing California's June 7 primary wouldn't stop Clinton from claiming the Democratic nomination, it would send her limping out of the gates in the general election against Donald Trump. The disappointing poll numbers come as Clinton holds rallies Thursday in San Jose and San Francisco, reeling from Wednesday's report from the State Department's Inspector General sharply criticizing her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.
(Money quote)
"She's not winning in a blaze of glory; she's winning in a cloud of ambiguity," said Jack Pitney, a professor of politics at Claremont McKenna College.


Santorum: I '100 Percent' Endorse Donald Trump For President (VIDEO)

Rick Santorum on Fox News Greta tonight says his main concern with the next president is who he will nominate to the Supreme Court. In a prior conversation with Trump, he asked for a list of who Trump would name to the High Court and if he approved, Trump would get an endorsement from Santorum. "The most important issue right now is to preserve the Constitution.” Santorum said.

Back a few months ago, Santorum endorsed Marco Rubio in the primary, tonight he's all in for Trump. Here's why-



Obamacare Sticker Shock: More Price Hikes Are On The Way

It was all lies from the get go.

Obamacare plan customers should brace for sticker shock when the administration posts insurers’ preliminary rate requests for 2017 this week.

Health plans are asking for sharp price increases, after suffering big losses on exchanges in the last two years. Regulators caution that these are preliminary requests and final rates could a lot different.

Insurers cite rising drug costs and patients who utilize a lot of medical services for the price-hike requests, which range from 17 percent in New York, and more than 20 percent in Virginia, to 30 percent rate increase requests from Oregon's largest insurers.

One of the underlying reasons for the big requests has to do with the expiration of the reinsurance program under the Affordable Care Act, which had served to offset some of the losses due to sicker customers who racked up high medical bills.

Montage of Obama promising to lower family premiums by $2,500.
He also promised to bend the cost curve down.


Trump's New Attack Ad Features Bill Clinton Accuser Juanita Broderick

On Monday, Donald Trump released over social media his newest attack ad against Hillary Clinton which focuses on her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

Along with the ad, the presumptive GOP presidential candidate asks: "Is Hillary really protecting women?"

The black and white spot runs for about 20 seconds and features women's voices, including Juanita Broaddrick, who accused Bill Clinton of rape. Bill Clinton is shown with a cigar in his mouth. The ad ends with Hillary laughing and the words: "Here we go again?"
'Here we go again'

Is Hillary really protecting women?

A video posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on


Bernie Sanders: 'Of Course' The Democratic Convention is Going to Be Messy (VIDEO)

Crazy Bernie is not promising a smooth Democratic Convention, in fact, he's predicting just the opposite.